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Teenage dream

Because I’m listening to Katy Perry’s song. 

Random as I may be, I think I’m gonna name someone, something, Tiffany. It’s a cute name, isn’t it? Plus, the nickname would be Tiff

I saw a black labrador yesterday, my colleague’s black labrador that is. And I want to name her Midnight. If she’ll give birth to cutie patootie pups, I’m gonna name them Sunrise, Sunset, Dawn, Dusk. Well.. I’m kind of just thinking that she’ll give birth to 4 pups. Hahahahaha! 

I like giving names. 

Aimless Bullets


  • am stunned every time I visit my blog. Seeing that little red light I reblogged from Tuesday V. :) 
  • have the time to blog this past few days. I hope this continues. 
  • am bringing Iya to work today. I have to have her checked-up and buy her new stuff. 
  • am enjoying using my newly bought make-up.

Oh, hello and good morning! ☺ 

Peace and love!

Random Strangers

Random strangers in my blog:

Stranger #1 from Lipa: Got into this blog post through searching, Ano ibig sabihin pag hindi na nalilibugan in Google. 

Stranger #2 from Las Pinas: Got into this blog post through searching, Heart Evangelista 2012 in Google.

Stranger #3 from California: Got into this post through Google.

Stanger #4 from Belgium & #5 from Aussie : Got into this post through searching, Woven Braid in Google.


Funny how this random stranger ended up in one of my blog posts after searching "Ano ibig sabihn ng Fifty Shades" in Google. 

Same Old Story - Pag nagbabasa ng Fifty Shades malibog na?

Well, try to read the book. Not just the first one, but the trilogy. So you’ll know. Well people tend to over-analyze, stereotype and be really judgmental. That’s why it’s a trilogy, the story may or may not end in the first book. Yes, the first book is full of sex scenes rather than love scenes. If you’ve read the book, you know what I mean.

I don’t want to give away too much information about it because I don’t want to be a spoiler. But just in case you’re reading/you have read my blog I love/d the novel. 

So yeah. I’m gonna go and lay in my bed and continue reading a novel I’ve started reading — Just Flirt. Goodnigt everyone! 


Sai Pauline

Random photos.
Lights inside Krispy Kreme, Megamall. 
Pink Hippo I have my eyes on.
Major miss of the major prize on Stacker. 
Kind of sums up my night yesterday. Dine, play and had fun. One helluvah night.

Random photos.

  1. Lights inside Krispy Kreme, Megamall. 
  2. Pink Hippo I have my eyes on.
  3. Major miss of the major prize on Stacker. 

Kind of sums up my night yesterday. Dine, play and had fun. One helluvah night.

Sad truth: Sometimes people are too shallow


I noticed that some bloggers who posts accessories, random promotions, daily outfits and photos of their faces with bulky make ups get the most attention from people instead of those bloggers who posts great things about the world and environment, poems from their heart, their heart aches, experiences, intelligent ideas… something that would really teach us, give us some lessons in life and inspire us about the real things.

If only they would read the posts of the genius people I am following, they would surely have a prodigious quantity of mind. There are much “intelligent life” that exists on their posts compared to those bloggers. These bloggers I am following are THINKING.

In my world, YOU DON'T EXIST.: DIY: How to make a scarf necklace using your old shirt >>


The BER months are already near. Hello again to cold, foggy days! I tried to make my own scarf necklace. It’s easy. :)


An old 100% cotton shirt. The bigger the better.


Beads/pins etc.

1. Get an old big shirt. I used a dress shirt since I don’t like it’s style. Use…

Tapos yung natira, gawin nyong cropped shirt. :)

Hindi ‘to kompetisyon. Wag kang ano!

Yung feeling mo alam mo na ang lahat..

Pero hindi pa pala. May mga bagay na alam mo at hindi mo alam, kaya kakailanganin mo pa din ng tulong ng iba, tao man ‘to o hindi (kagaya ng libro, internet o tv at kung anu-ano pa). Kaya wag kang mag-angas. May mga taong mas nakakaalam ng mga bagay-bagay kesa sayo. 

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