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Bave!!!  #tbt #throwbackthursday #stolen #superfriend

Oh hi there old self! Hahahahaha! ♥


Bave!!! TWO WOMEN HOLDING HANDSWOMAN WITH BUNNY EARS #tbt #throwbackthursday #stolen #superfriend

Oh hi there old self! Hahahahaha! ♥

Date Night.

Over saturated photos for an over budget date with my girlfriend. Catching up with each other’s life. Can’t get enough of each other. ♥

Camera Strap

Say hello to Iya’s new camera strap all the way from the H to the K! Wahahaha. (Feeling like a Radio Jockey, yeehaa). Jane, kimperjein, went to Hongkong last week and I asked her a huge favor to buy me a new camera strap for my beloved camera. She knows what I’ll like. So yeah, here it is! 

It’s a reversible strap, one side is plain and the other The photo above is the printed side, obviously. It’s too cute, yes? 

Wanderlust Sisters >>

Kung merong Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, siguro kami pwedeng sisterhood of traveling panties? Hahaha! Mga kwentong saipauline at kimperjein. 

Do you know me?

People, usually, would recognize/notice me maybe because I look like a slap-on-the-face bitch. I always get that kind of stare from people, you know. They may say I’m loud, wild, intimidating. Maybe I look familiar to others because, they saw me in a bar/club somewhere. Or they read my blog? 

But when I tried to google my name, there’s this post from a very close friend that I would love to read over and over again. 


It’s heart melting. I never knew I have this effect to someone. ♥


PS: Click the photos to be redirected to their blogs/websites

Well, this will be the first few people I’ll be putting on my Birthday Board. =) I’ll have to check my calendar and some more stuff so I can put as much people as I can. ♥ Or if you want your photo on my board, you can send in a close-up photo with your birth date here :

Much love,

Sai Pauline

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