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Featured: Yshy Igdanes’ blog.

This simple award made my day. I got a tweet from Crishyelle Igdanes and I hurriedly checked out the attached link. I read it and in the bottom-most part, I saw my blog link and my name right there on the 6th spot. Must have been destiny because that’s my favorite number.

Stylish Blogger Award: A First

Just recently, Jen Ponix of the blog with the same name awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award. It’s the first ever blog award that I got and I am so touched! It really made the night when I’ve learned about it. So sorry it’s just now that I am talking about it because I was busy browsing onto different blogs that deserve the award as well. Anyway, I was told that once a blogger receive this award from another blogger, the one who got awarded must: Thank and link to the person who awarded you this award. So again, I would like to thank Jen Ponix for choosing me for this award! You’re so the best! Haha! :)

Here’s Yshy’s list: I’m on the 6th spot, right there!

Together with other bloggers whom she, Yshy, find “great”. Well it was the first feature I got for my own blog. And I’m super happy about it. I can’t thank her more, I’m really feeling so important right now. I appreciate everyone who reads my blog, leaves a comment or whatever. T

hank you Yshy Igdanes for this! <3 


Feature: Look Magazine UK


A small sidebar feature on Look, a popular fashion magazine all the way in London. This is photo they used, credit for which is due our friend Tricia Gosingtian.

We couldn’t find a proper scan of the article itself and just edited the one above from Louder Than Silence, a London-based couple blog that was the main focus of the article. We cropped the scan and edited it to include the header and subhead.

“Fashion bloggers Seph and Shai share their style tips. Philippines: Love Chic is one of the world’s first his-and-hers fashion blogs, created by Seph Cham and Shai Lagarde, who dub themselves ‘a stylish couple in love.’ Full of stunning photos and useful style inspiration

Whoa there Nelly, can we rewind to that last sentence? Hmm, lest we be mistaken for a smug, self-absorbed couple aiming to nauseate the general public with our lovey-dovey perfection, allow us to mention how the phrase came up. They asked why we called this blog Love Chic. We replied that it’s like when you say “geek chic” to describe a fellow who looks nice in nerdy glasses and an argyle vest, or “shabby chic” to describe a lady who otherwise looks frumpy, but somehow manages to carry herself with style. Love Chic is pulling off matchy his-and-hers outfits in a non-overdone way (him wearing a “Soul” shirt and her wearing a “Mate” shirt, things like that). Sharing your life together as two people in love without pissing people off by how sickeningly sweet you are. Expressing your passions, interests and beliefs without shoving them down people’s throats. That’s what this blog has always been and will always be about. :)