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romwe romwe fashion

Gotta have these. ♥


romwe romwe fashion

Gotta have these. ♥

Want: Sheer Kimono Top / Cardigan


{Haul for the day L-R: champagne sandals, purple doll shoes, black platforms}

Well, if you’d go to Payless you’ll pay more. Bahahaha! Three new shoes for ze collection. ♥ Can’t get enough of ‘em. 

{Fioni purple doll shoes}

{Montego Bay Club champagne sandals}

{Brash black platforms}

I don’t need a lot of wishes, just give me lots’a shoes. Bahahaha! I’d be broke, I tell ya. 




Been addicted to bracelets and wristwatches. I can’t stand a day without ‘em. Last time, I purchased braided bracelets from Quirkypedia and I’ve been inspired to make my own. All stacked, braided bracelets on my right hand are from Quirkypedia and I made the one on the left (the peach one) , ain’t it cute? ☺

Arm party makes my daily outfit fun, carefree and more summer vibe! A pop of color always catches good vibes, don’t you think? ☺

Must Have : Blazer

Candy Colored Long Sleeve Slim Blazer $132.00

Cropped Sleeve V-neckline Slim Mini Blazer $121.00

Flower Pattern Cropped Sleeve Blazer $110.00

New Spring One-button Suit Coat with Ruffled Shoulders $86.00New Spring One-button Suit Coat with Ruffled Shoulders $86.00New Spring One-button Suit Coat with Ruffled Shoulders $86.00

"The beauty of the blazer is that it does a tango between the masculine and the feminine, the formal and the casual, the preppy and the trendy, the smart and the sexy. You can’t quite pin it down, and therein lies its charm. A chic untraditional way to buy a blazer is to buy it unconstructed or over-sized or shrunken for a dramatic and fashionable look.”

Have it your way — in any colors or in all colors, in any size and in any style. 

Must Have : A-line Dress

Asymmetric Zip Adjustable Sleeve Dress $95.00

Floral Embroidery Cake Dress $95.00

"A-LINE is narrower on the top and flares out gently toward the bottom, resembling the letter A, thus the name. Here’s the deal with the A-line dress: It will work for you on your best day. It will work for you on your worst day. It will work for you when you don’t know what to wear, for all occasions, and in all kinds of weather. And no matter what, it will flatter your figure.

With a good A-LINE, the fabric flows over perceived flaws or imperfections. No matter the day, the season, or the year, the A-line dress will always make you look and feel fashionable, fabulous, and perfectly capable of keeping up with Twiggy and her crew.”