Oh I’m the best girlfriend in town!

Me to my dearest jowa: Galingan mo sa exam. Kung hindi, galingan mo nalang kumopya. Wag kang papahuli. I suggest kumain ka. Mahirap mangopya kapag walang laman ang tyan. Break a neck!  

Second Opportunities


I just finished reading this book a few days ago. It’s a series of novels by Judith MgNaught and I was kind of hoping that the next book will still be about the first’s main characters - Meredith Bancroft & Matthew Farell. I loved the story. How the relationship worked out, their career and all.


I started reading this book a while ago unfortunately, it is not about them at all. I think? But maybe.. just maybe like Rachel Gibson’s books there’s a twist and connection to the books’ characters. 

Let’s find out!

Would it make a difference if…

I had given you all the finer things in life?

I had given and thrown you all the money I had?

I had given you 10,000 bucks a month and helped you buy our house?

I had extra money to help you with my siblings’ school expenses?

I am still working my ass out with a job you hated because it’s pointless to you?

Would it? Tell me. Because if it’s just about that, then you’re a hell lot of a disappointment like I am. And just so you know, I was expecting, out of everybody else in the world, that you will be the first to understand my situation. You’ll be the one who knows how terrified I am. You’ll be the one who knows how I feel, because I thought you felt this too.

Because maybe, deep down inside I thought that if not for you. If not for your decision to keep me, or to push through with what happened… I wouldn’t be here at all. 

Wide Awake

Super duper active and alive. I can’t sleep, I don’t want to. I want to feel him. I get most of my positivity and courage from him. He’s one of my inspirations and motivations now.

I have never imagined myself to feel and think this way. Maybe not so soon. Maybe not this time. But God proved me wrong, I proved myself wrong. I am capable of everything, I am strong enough for what God has planned for me and for the future. 

Because this is my new favorite photo of Pau with his Papa. 

Because this is my new favorite photo of Pau with his Papa.