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Air Jordan 11 Breds / Gamma Blue 

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An overrated birthday letter.

First and foremost, I would love to greet myself a Happy Birthday. Yes, this is really overrated but I just can’t help myself. This year, I’m celebrating the most fruitful year of my life so far.

It has been one helluva roller coaster ride for me but I’m expecting it to be more bumpy in the next coming months or maybe years. And that’s why I’m writing this letter for those who I greatly appreciate, love and I am absolutely thankful for. 

For my friends, especially my girl friends. Thank you for all the battering, the honest opinions and suggestions and for accepting me no matter what. For staying beside, behind and with me all throughout. For keeping up with my vents, emotional turmoils, my inconsistencies, my stressful life. Thank you for standing up for me and fighting for and with me. For never leaving my side. I may not be here without you, cliche but true. 

You were the first to know, how afraid and terrified I was. How low I was and how hopeless I feel. You were all there to listen, understand but at the same time tell me the bittersweet truth, even if it may hurt. And you know well it did. The truth always hurt, but it’s better accepted face to face than behind my back that’s why I’m thankful you are real friends.

For my family, that I left at some point, especially to my mom. I am deeply sorry. I have been a big disappointment, I know. But Ma, it’s never too late to learn from mistakes and try to fix things & make things right. You once said to me to live my life. It’s short and I better live it to the fullest. But I have to make my decisions wisely. I’m sorry if at this point, it’s all a blur. I know I can get back up. You’re my inspiration, Ma. I’m sorry and thank you for everything. I love you so much.

I will never exchange you for the world.

For everyone else, for people whom I may or may not know. For those who stared, who judged, who whispered bad stuff when I pass, for the fr-enemies: Thanks for making me who I am now, for making me stronger than ever. 

I will forever be grateful for all the people who helped me. All those who gave their own words of wisdom and encouragement. I am truly blessed. 

It’s either you’re in my life or you’re out of it.

Choose wisely.

Oh yes I am. Know more about it through my other blog, https://saipauline.blogspot.com

Oh yes I am. Know more about it through my other blog, https://saipauline.blogspot.com

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This is an old account, by the way, but I kind of re-vamped it and changed the whole setting. It was, supposedly, my organized travel/fashion/food blog so I can leave my personal & bookworm posts here on Tumblr. But since a lot has happened lately, I thought of a perfect way to finally share this milestone to you guys. 

Once and for all. For those who will take time to visit my new blog, read contents and maybe follow it, thanks a bunch!